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We are passionate about helping small businesses thrive

Builders, bakers, personal trainers, dancers, artists, photographers, retailers and charities - we love to help get a brand of the ground, tidy up all the loose ends and present a cohesive and memorable brand experience for all kinds of businesses.

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Roxana Davies

Rox is a social media addict, self-confessed foodie, coffee snob, closet sports fan, pro-Hamilton groupie and lover of all things pretty. With over eight years experience in business communications, marketing and branding, Rox loves seeing local businesses doing their best work. She is the pro side-hustler with way too many hobbies. 

Anna Strong

Anna is the professional brainstormer and hype gal. She's full of great ideas, loves a great sing-a-long and can put pen to paper like JK Rowling and the Philosopher's stone. She knows how to make something out of nothing. Marketing of all kinds, and especially social media marketing, makes her world go round. 

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