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The coffee we're brewing...

Mt Atkinson Coffee

New Zealand roasted. Creamy. Consistent. Quick delivery. Tried it in the espresso machine, Aeropress and plunger - all delicious options. 

Grey Roasting Co.

One of our fave places to dine in, Grey Street kitchen now has their own roast and we are very happy about it! 

Coffee Supreme

Like returning to the best memories of your childhood, Coffee Supreme will forever be our first and truest coffee love. They make us feel at home and come quickly to the rescue with the fastest delivery ever.

Rocket Coffee

Our default bean of choice, locally roasted in our favourite city. We'll drink it from an espresso machine, moccamaster, aeropress or plunger - in a nutshell, any way it comes. 

The top shelf...

Jacob's Creek Double Barrel Shiraz

The long-time favourite. A reliable, delicious vino that we love to share on all occasions.

Tread Softly Pinot Noir

Chosen purely for the pretty and sophisticated branding, it did not disappoint. We'd choose it again.

Aperol Spritz

Do we even need to say anything about this? It's pure goodness. Our personal fave comes from Mr Pickles. GO out and get one - you know you want to.

White Rhino

As a wise workmate once said..."We don't need those extra calories in our life."
So this drink does just that. And it tastes good too. Double win!

Sloe Gin

Just wow. A sweet, delightful hit of warmth. Not our usual pick but now a regular little treat.

Mt Rosa Sauvignon Blanc

Anna tried this on her recent trip down south. Usually one for the red wines, this Sav was refreshing, delicious - and it's one she wishes she brought back with her. 

Man O' War Rosé

We love a Rosé on a Friday night. Especially one from New Zealand's own Waiheke Island. Plus, we'd 10/10 recommend a trip to the winery if you ever get the chance.

Vista Feijoa

Absolutely delicious. The perfect sugar-free treat, and a great refresher for your springtime arvos!

The books we love...

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Rox recommends - One of the best books I've ever read. Enchanting and so cleverly written, you grow to love Eleanor and become very invested in her life. 

The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry

Rox recommends - The most challenging read I've had in a long time. Putting language to my hurried life, I couldn't help but pause and change some things in my life. 

This Is Going To Hurt

At Poppa's recommendation we both laughed and laughed and then cried their way through this great read by junior-doctor-now-comedian. Be warned, probably not best to read while pregnant.


On the go - Anna has only just begun this book, so a synopsis to come. But this is one she's really excited about and the author is a kiwi gal, so that's EPIC!

The Seven Sisters Series

Rox recommends - Could not put these books down! Each sister's story is full of history, heartache and charm. Go out and buy the whole series now. 

Cilka's Journey

Anna recommends  - This book is the sequel to 'The Tattooist of Auschwitz'. Gripping, heartfelt and inspiring. Just. Wow. *Have tissues ready!

Love Does

Rox recommends - story after story from Bob's life about how to love people in all situations, each chapter is hilarious and challenging all at once.

The Screwtape Letters

Anna Recommends -  C.S is a classic and this book is challenging, humorous and brilliantly written.
It will make you think!  It's a must read.


Rox & Anna recommend - We both came away feeling empowered, inspired and challenged. Michelle epitomises the saying "behind every great man is a strong woman".

A Promised Land

Looking forward to - On our list to read. We are big fans of the Obamas so we can't wait to sink our teeth into this thick read.